Create, manage and sign digital contracts using the mobile app BankID

Pakt is a platform where users can create and share contracts. Documents are uniquely identified with a hash of its content to ensure everyone signs the same copy and no tampering is done. Signing and verification of users identity is done with BankID which is the leading electronic identification app in Sweden.

Other services can easily be integrated by specifying webhooks that gets triggered when changes occur in the system.

Future improvements could include adding Swish (similar to BankID but for sms payments) to add costs to creating documents or signatures. Users could also be notified by sms when contracts are assigned or new signatures created to connected contract.

Some documents might be sensitive to store on central servers. In that case something like ipfs could be used to store the documents and then secure them with smart contracts on a blockchain, Ethereum for instance.

Contracts are easily created by dragging a document to upload (or browsing) and filling out the details. Start and end date for contract validity can be set and participants can be added by entering their email.

Documents are embedded to easily be read without need of downloading. Future improvements can include templates to dynamically generate documents based on data. Sign contract by entering your SSN and open app on mobile. QR code can be added for a more secure (and convenient) signing experience. All users uploaded and signed contracts are listed.

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