An e-commerce platform to manage orders, inventory, queues and payment

b0tt0 is a platform for food-trucks, cafés, bars, festivals, arenas etc where ordering and payments of products are made online while keeping the customer updated when order is being prepared and ready for pickup. Payments are made safely and simple using Stripe and supports credit-cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many more. Intelligence and predictive analysis gives insights about popular products, returning customers and when customers tend to visit.

Problem definition


Especially during rush hours, there's no way to get around having to stand in line to order and pay.

Synchronous orders and payments

There has to be a receiver when placing the order and paying for it. Slow downs here affect speed of the queues.

To order you have to be there

There is not possible to place your order ahead of time and head out to pick it up when it's ready.

Suggested user flow

  1. Scan QR-code or visit website
  2. Progressive Web App is launched with menu and information about the vendor
  3. Add items to shopping cart and checkout
  4. A payment request dialog is shown with order information and accepted by a tap
  5. Order receipt and estimated time to pickup is displayed
  6. SMS or noticiations keep the customer updated about changes in the order

Onboarding as a vendor?

  1. Register account at https://PLATFORM_URL
  2. Connect Stripe (Registration takes ~10 min if no account exists)
  3. Create products and skus in Stripe dashboard
  4. Import products in dashboard and build menu
  5. Create and print QR-codes and/or embed shop in website or messenger

Growth strategies

  • Create coupons to be spread as links or QR-codes to friends or strangers
  • Integrate with Google Maps and JSON-LD to place orders


Vendor flow

Vendor flow

User flow

User flow